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Four New Postpandemic ways of working



New Hybrid working world has brought a sudden turn to new normal.  HBR France Magazine suggests four ways to organizations to encourage them to review their culture and company values in order to ensure sustainability.

The first proposed model is the Classic Organization.  Innovating a new work structure where collaboration with employees is the basis for them to have a fulfilling and performing work-life balance.  Mutual agreement is established concerning life at work, minimum and maximum days of telework, rules to respect and presence at work.  This model was already initiated before this pandemic period.

The second model is the Remote Organization.  This model is about companies eliminating physical office space and imposing remote work while  providing only office and material supplies to their remote employees to ensure their positive experience of remote work.  This model enables flexibility and freedom of movement.

The third model is the Collaborative Organization.  The model is all about the employees’ choice of work life experience.  Their presence is not ruled by agreements or obligatory minimal days.  The objective is that each employee chooses which is most convenient for their work.

Finally, there is the Individualized Organization.  This model offers freedom and ease to employees who decide where and when they work.  This is a culture based on mutual trust, autonomy and accountability.  Each employee is free to organize his/her work according to his/her situation and needs.


Which model would you choose given the opportunity of choice?

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