About Me

I was led to create my coaching business the day I attended my first session training with iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), because from that point I realized the amplitude of my transformation. I have had enough of people pleasing to be recognized as a valuable executive VP, I missed on opportunities, I believed I was not being enough, felt invisible, silenced, and under pressure most of the time.

Then, it became clear to me that my transformation would come from the inside out, that I would engage from within, that I was so much more than I had cared to believe and that I could be myself truly and authentically. I began shifting my beliefs and raising my energy, that I want everyone to know how they can do it too and prosper.

After more than 25 years in the corporate world, going up the corporate ladder and getting very well paid, I decided to help empower women who are tired of being invisible at work grow into their full potential as the leader they choose to be.

Current member of the « International Coach Federation ». Graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching – 325 hours of training in Energy Leadership Master Practitioner TM and additional training in COR.E TM Wellbeing.

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