When You Don’t Listen To Your Inner Critic

How would you react if someone would say to you: “You’re so stupid, you’re ugly…look at your big nose, what were you thinking?”
You would probably react… or would you say that to your friend? Probably not… Therefore, why do you say it to yourself? Why do you tolerate this level of cruelty when you say this to yourself?

We all have an inner voice criticizing our life and tell us how we should feel about ourselves…
The critical inner voice describes the parts about ourselves consisting of the negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that oppose our best interest and diminish ourselves … our own worst enemy. The critical inner voice strongly encourages self-demeaning and self-destructive behaviors with thoughts life “There is no point in trying, why don’t you just give up, oh! This is not going to work why start?”
And this strong critical voice does not stop with us..promoting what we should think about others by painting pessimistic pictures about them and the world.

The critical inner voice exists in every person in various degrees. Although some of us are conscious of some aspects of our inner critic, many thoughts from our inner critic voice are unconscious and lead us to believe them as truth.

How to overcome your inner critic?
1) Identify what your inner critic is telling you
2) Face your inner critic by answering out loud or writing down a more realistic and empathic way of evaluating yourself
3) Then, make a rational statement about how you really are
4) Finally, stop acting on your critical inner voice bad advice.

Clearing your inner voice of self-attach is a life changer being able to pursue more satisfaction and meaning in life.

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