For Leaders, Managers and companies teams - your programs (we facilitate) or our programs

Lunch and Learn

In your office space, you take charge of lunch and we take charge of the training  “The Seven Levels of Leadership”






Add to your soft skills or perfect your skill with these tools:

  • Dynamic Communication
  • Energetic Sales Cycle
  • Genius Mind
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • High Energy Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Wellbeing

Mastermind – Facilitator (upon request)

Jim Rohn, American Speaker said :

“ You are the average of the five persons you are spending most of your time with”.   …..The Author and Speaker, Robert Allen, said :  “ Your bank account is probably the average of the bank account of the five persons you are spending most of your time with”.

A « Mastermind » (collective mind) is a group having the same business interests, non-competitors, which is meeting at a regular agreed-upon time to exchange confidentially in view of helping one another.

Great minds meeting in view to form a collective mind.  The collective vision is greater than one’s vision, over and above the comfort zone most of the time whereas suggestions, exchanges of experiences are laid out for everyone to profit from within their own objectives and goals.

Topics discussed during the meetings are brought about by the members themselves – the Facilitator (Johanne Pitre) listens, motivates, acknowledges and validates, “re-phrases”, towards a converging point for the benefit of all.  The Facilitator supports the Mastermind by taking notes, suggesting agendas, and accountabilities of different members.

Whether it be to get out of solitude, reach out to moral support and motivation, share the same challenges or best practices, or to broaden your list of contacts, a Mastermind is a friendly and secure space to help you go further.