Constanty OVERWHELMED by too many responsibilities;

Frustrated that you can’t seem to get ahead even though you believe you know better or have good ideas;

You wish to uplift your leadership in complexed situations while strengthening your foundation based on your values and your vision;

You want to focus on the system aspect of your role, your personal impact, your communication abilities;

You want to draw from your success energy so that you can choose your leadership, be expansive, rely on your intuition, inspiration and motivation to lead making a positive difference;

You need to get back your personal wellbeing in order;

You want to participate and take advantage from a positive productive work environment where harmony and respect prevail;

Our methodology will teach you the seven levels of influence which transforms your Thought – Feeling – Action process. We then look at the leadership and performance gaps.


What is your goal for the team? Do you understand the dynamic of your team?

You want team members to be engaged, agile, performant.. we are here to evaluate your needs.  We use a variety of tools and techniques and our proven experience to become your partner of choice to help you create a dynamic, engaged team in an inspiring environment.

We add to this structured personalized programs to fit your needs, a comprehensive specific action plan, responsibility measures and support to identify and bring out success barriers.

Let’s remind ourselves that success started with an INTENTION.

Our methodology : familiarize you and your team with the seven levels of influence and how they can interact within your team; we propose a 360° evaluation as a starting point, then establish your specific needs whether it be to transform Managers into Leaders, identify Leadership and Performance Gaps, common team alignment gaps, conquering limiting beliefs.

(individual or team)

Take the X-FACTOR EVALUATION and get the 90-minute debrief by a Certified Professional Coach; re-visit and clarify your values, see your WHO and what you can do to reach your dream(s).  Leadership Wheel and debrief; identify and prioritize your particular challenges (external and internal).


Add – Understand your external challenges, find solutions which are under your control and make an action plan ready to implement.  Then, find out about your internal challenges and/or your limiting beliefs.

Add – Create your BLUEPRINT, whether for your career, your business or your life in order to go ahead and achieve your goals or reach out your dreams by determining which actions will give you momentum while being aware of your road blocks.


Take the X-FACTOR EVALUATION and get the 90-minute debrief by a Certified Professional Coach as a  BONUS –  Let’s work together on a 6-month basis – we will work one-on-one on understanding your external and internal challenges, limiting beliefs… Make a strategic plan which includes your Blueprint and teachings on Leadership, Barriers to Success, Influencing others, Decision Making OR other specific programs of your choice from my program… whether it be Time Management, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Dynamic Communications and Wellbeing